Since 2020, I have worked full time as a motion designer at zealot, A creATIVE marketing agency/ movie trailer house, where I am sometimes able to take quite a playful and experimental approach to projects. here is some work i've done at zealot that feels especIALLY me. I'm always happy to have an opportunity to bring something hand-made, whimisical and suprising to a commerical project.
I designed and animated the trailer graphics for science fair: the series on national geographic
I designed and animated the trailer graphics for queenmaker: the making of an it girl on hulu. 
Some of my favorite projects have been for the zealot brand itself:
I designed and animated the 2022 golden trailer award acceptance graphics for zealot's GTA nominations. For each project that won, the cooresponding graphic played onstage during the awards show. I wanted to do something loose and handlettered to make our agency stand out.
I was asked to create An asset that would celebrate ZEalot's bicoastal identity. when I had the idea for this digital collage, I knew wanted to work with imagery for the cities that felt specific and familiaR, yet uncliche. my colleauge RJ MEYER'S gorgeous film street photography, shot in nyc and la, presented the perfect opportunity. I really enjoyed thinking about what formal elements in each picture caught rj's eye and combining them in surprising ways to shape the letterforms.
3 years of holiday cards
For the past three years I have designed the agency holiDAY CARDS that we mail to hundreds of our clients.
FRONT OF 2023 Holiday card. risograph printed at lucky riso press in brooklyn. 
inside and back of 2023 Holiday card
front of 2022 holiday card. i had many elements embossed on this year's card, including the plane, the windows, the clouds, the birds, the weathervane, and the radio tower, so the physical version has an especially MAXIMALIST, packed relief effect. 
Front and back of 2021 Holiday card